Welcome to Royal Palms

Royal Constructions hails from the land of dreams — Dubai and Royal Palms herald their headway into the city’s property league.

Established about 4 decades ago, Royal Constructions entered the market to make a name for themselves for generations to come. Royal Constructions — the name is instrumental in changing the skylines of Oman and Dubai. Royal Constructions is all set to enrich Pune’s real estate scenario with global reality insights.

Royal Palms home affords you the unique ‘podium lifestyle concept of luxury. The backdrop has very beautiful hues that make an enchanting view for the eyes. Landscaped open spaces, outdoor gymnasium, semi-covered pergola, infinity pool, cabanas and the whole lot of them. With well-designed roads, environment-friendly Initiatives and 3-tier security system, this place is not just to stay but to rejuvenate.